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Nutrient Reduction Service

Nutrient Reduction Service

While phosphorus is vital for pond productivity, excessive phosphorus is often responsible for nuisance weed and algae growth. To help manage phosphorus levels, our biologists recommend an early season phosphorus binder. This early season application targets phosphorus in the water column that entered the pond or lake via snow and ice melt or spring rain. This early season application is very effective because minimal vegetation is present. The result of an early season application is less phosphorus being available for weed and algae growth as temperatures warm. Late fall is also a great time to lock up excess phosphorus and help reduce weed and algae growth next spring. At the end of the season, plant growth has slowed so more free phosphorus is present in the water column. Dying vegetation releases phosphorus as it decomposes. Using a phosphorus binder helps stop internal phosphorus cycling.

Unfortunately human activities typically accelerate the aging process and lead to hypereutrophic ponds and lakes. Nutrient inputs from fertilizer, grass clippings, detergents, pasture runoff, waterfowl and septic systems all contribute to eutrophication. The result is an increase in algal and cyanobacteria blooms and the potential for periodic fish kills due to low dissolved oxygen. Preventing nutrients from entering the pond or lake is the best way to promote good water quality and slow the eutrophication process.

Once nutrients are in the pond, treating vegetation with herbicides and algaecides isn't enough. Phosphorus binders should be applied to bind the free reactivity phosphorus. Ultimately, phosphorus is still a vital nutrient for pond productivity, so the goal isn't resetting the pond to zero phosphorus. The goal is balancing the nutrient ratio to reduce blooms of weeds and algae. Take proactive approach to balancing your pond/lake this year. Contact our team for a nutrient reduction quote today! 

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