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Aquatic Weed & Algae Control Services

Professional Service

Community lakes, ponds in housing developments, corporate lake sites, residential ponds, golf courses and lake front properties are often plagued with nuisance aquatic weeds and algae. This unsightly growth is due in part to excessive nutrient input. These weeds and algae can quickly choke a pond, making fishing difficult and lessening the pond or lake’s aesthetic value.

aquatic weed and algae control services

Jones Fish and Lake Management provides pond and lake owners a full spectrum of professional lake management services. We offer a trained staff of aquatic biologists who will visit the pond site, determine the cause of problematic vegetation growth and submit strategies designed to fish the specific needs of each and every client.

aquatic weed and algae control services

Licensed & Trained

All of the Jones Fish applicators are trained and licensed by the Department of Agriculture and all necessary state regulatory boards. Each applicator has also been trained in aquatic weed identification, application safety and product-specific water use restrictions.


With over 200 years of combined experience, Jones Fish continues to be at the forefront of pond and lake management throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and northern Tennessee. We take pride in each and every stage of the lake management process. With uncompromising attention to detail, the Jones Fish team of applicators specializes in customized algae and aquatic weed control strategies. Our knowledgeable staff of biologists has the ability to work with each client one on one to provide a blueprint for developing the pond of their dreams.

Free Estimates

Consider having the experts at Jones Fish care for your pond. The first step is contacting us for a free algae and aquatic weed control estimate. Our Lake Management team will visit the pond site and discuss with you any concerns and goals for the pond. We will then provide you with a customized proposal that takes into account your specific needs. The proposal can be as simple as algae and submerged aquatic weed control, but may also include options like cattail control, pond colorant or nutrient reduction programs. Call today for a free estimate: 800-662-3474 or submit your information here.

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