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SonarOne - 20lbs.
SonarOne - 20lbs.
SonarOne - 20lbs.

SonarOne - 20lbs.

$856.99 Free Shipping

SonarOne's fluridone pellet formulation delivers an effective dose to targeted plants within the first day, while providing a longer-lasting residual than Sonar A.S. The easy-to-apply pellet formulation eliminates overspray onto sensitive shoreline vegetation, making it ideal for landscapes with highly maintained vegetation, including golf courses.

When used as labeled SonarOne offers:
  • ONE application for most pond situations

  • ONE formulation for both lakes and reservoirs

  • ONE solution for your treatment programs

  • ONE herbicide for the management of aquatic vegetation in freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals, irrigation canals, and rivers.

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