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Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow-Nourish
Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow-Nourish
Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow-Nourish

Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow-Nourish


MICROBE-LIFT/BLOOM & GROW™-Nourishcontains combinations of naturally occuring microorganisms that share key traits for plant enhancement. The photosynthetic organisms will inhabit the root and vascular systems of the plant helping to modify, retain and transport nutrients. Humic is the end product of organic matter decomposition. Organic matter has a high carbon content. When plants are removed from the environment where they are grown, natural balances are destroyed and growth may be disrupted. It is a good practice to restore the plant’s natural balances with MICROBE-LIFT/BLOOM & GROW™ Nourish. Dosing with MICROBE-LIFT/BLOOM & GROW™ Nourish is the most convenient and effective method of restoring these balances. MICROBE-LIFT/BLOOM & GROW™ Nourish will enhance nutrient availability, enhance substrate and contributes to enhanced microbial activity and the overall biochemical processes.

  • Increases Nutrient Availability
  • Contains high quality peat extract
  • Contains humic, fulvic acids
  • Contains a blend of naturally occurring vegetative and spore-forming microorganisms
  • Helps nutrients like iron and nitrogen become more bio-available to plant life
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