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Wetland Planting Service

Wetland Planting Service

Native shoreline plantings offer a tremendous value to the ecosystem in your pond or lake. When planted along the shoreline or inlets where water flows into the pond, these plants uptake nutrients, such as phosphorus, from incoming runoff and slow down water movement. As the water slows, soil and other sediments can drop out of the water. This filtration is a natural way of slowing the pond's aging process. In older ponds or those with a high nutrient load, cyanobacteria can outcompete beneficial microscopic algae and potentially create a harmful situation if the blooms proliferate and produce toxins

Native plants along pond shoreline with floating fountain in the background

Not only do shoreline plants filter phosphorus from incoming water but they also complete with algae and cyanobacteria for nutrients within the pond and promote a healthy balance. This competition can reduce the amount of free phosphorus and limit excessive algae or cyanobacteria growth. Our biologists can design and install a native wetland planting package to help you stabilize your pond shoreline and slow the flow of incoming water. During installation, our team will ensure plants and placed at the correct depth and spacing to encourage a dense stand of vegetation and create a more balanced ecosystem. 


Wetland Planting Details

Native wetland and shoreline plants often have a large root system to tolerate fluctuating water levels throughout the year. Establishing shoreline plants can also help reduce the amount of grass clippings that enter the pond and contribute to eutrophication. We have wetland plant packages available depending on your pond/lake size. The consist of a grower's choice of native plants. All plants are individually packed in 4" pots. Not available in all states.  

Have our team install a wetland plant package: 800.662.3474 or sales@jonesfish.com