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jones fish hatcheries testimonials

We purchased 150 6 to 8 inch perch from you this spring and they have turned into this!! My kids are having a blast catching these. We have not fed them other than the minnows we purchased. Thank you for the great fish. This is all out of a 3/4 acre pond north of Huntertown!

— Matthew P.

Appreciate you treating the pond today...keep up the good work. We need some rain, of course, but pond appearance is looking much better since treatments began.

— Gary W.

Thank you so much for spending the amount of time you did with me yesterday regarding pond maintenance… The information you provided regarding aeration has certainly given us a lot to think about. … The time you spent, the service you gave, and your incredibly friendly approach is what we have come to expect at Jones'. FIRST CLASS! Thank you again!

— Chris R.

I must Inform you of how impressed I am with Kara's communication skills, commitment, urgency, and ability to service her accounts. Kara is THE example your company should push to stride for. What a great impression she has made on me during the first year treating my pond. Honestly, I surely hope you reward Kara for her behavior because her intangible skill set is impossible to find these days. Please consider this praise during evaluations because her skill set is of a value to Jones Fish. Without her can do attitude and passion, I can't say I would consider treatment in forthcoming years. She makes this an enjoyable process.

— Stacy F.

I was very pleased with the work Zach did with replacing my pond aeration system. He was very professional, friendly, educational, and worked quickly. I love my new system. Thank you.

— Janice C.

We moved to a property with a pond about 14 months ago and literally from Day 1 JFH has been our magnificent partner/consultant/advisor on taking this neglected pond and turning it into a tremendous fishing destination for friends and family. I apologize for anyone I missed, but the entire team including: Alex, Bethany, Emily, Abby, Justin and Adam have been wonderfully patient and helpful and I never pass up a chance to tell people how great JFH is! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you guys as regularly as I have been these last 14 months. :-)

— John N.

Would like to thank Mike (delivery truck driver) for making the pond stocking experience so interesting for my 8 grand kids. He let them see and touch the fish and shared various info on each specie(s). He was so pleasant and patient with them. Thanks Mike!

— Scott B.

I just wanted to let you know about a wonderful experience I had placing a couple orders with one of your employees. Ms. Emily Harris was the nicest and most knowledgeable person I have spoke to on the phone for a long time. She made my ordering experience with Jones Fish a delight. It was painless and enjoyable. You are lucky she works at Jones Fish.

— Jim K.

Hi Chris....just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job you and your team have done for us this year. Prior to Jones Fish getting involved our ponds were covered with algae and looked terrible. Our residents have made many positive comments of how clear our ponds look this year.....no algae, no cattails....and how great it is to see the our algae eating fish at work ! Thanks for a job well done.

— Bill R.

I just want to tell you how satisfied I am with the pond management by Chris and Anthony this year! This is the first year I tried professional management after 11 years of self-managing my 1 1/2 acre lake. What a relief to say the least! They did an exceptional job. Each time they came by, they followed up with an email describing what they found and the treatment they applied. Thanks for the great service! See you in the spring!

— Bill P.

Nick arrived yesterday with the fish delivery and he was ahead of schedule which was great. He is a great representative for your company - very polite and professional - answers questions real well and very pleasant to deal with. We are pleased to be doing business with you; see you in spring.

— Justin M.

Thanks so much you guys have done an awesome job with my pond. Very pleased, Thanks.

— Lois B.

Adam, this spring we had to have the pond treated for the first time in 30 years. It looked like a location for a horror film. Your experts said the mild winter had played havoc with ponds in Ohio. It was almost an immediate improvement with the treatment from your company. We walked around the pond on Tuesday and it has never been this clear. We could see fish three to four feet off the bank. We are very pleased with the work of Chris Chumbley, Nick Cooper and Alece Powery. They responded quickly with any concerns we had or calls we made to the company. Thank you.

— Sharon C.

I want to thank you for all the help you have given us thru the years with our pond and fish. I want to thank you for having people like Chris who has helped us out and also train us how to care for our pond too. The fish and the pond look amazing and with it being September we normally have all kind of problems and cannot see below a inch under the water. No problems and I can see all the way to the bottom on the deep end (about 5 feet) and have learned so much more this year…See you guys in spring

— Michael F.

Again – I cannot speak enough about your company and the communication when something is done. It is a lost art… most people and companies are the worst at communication. I truly appreciate your knowledge and service. Let me know when you suggest I move on more minnows.

— John H.

Speaking for our Caretakers & Trustees, our most recent fish delivery was great! Your Delivery Specialist was prompt, friendly, efficient & knowledgeable! The bass are GREAT! Super-healthy, feisty AND aggressive. We are looking forward to 2016's delivery. Next, we have to investigate Smallmouth stocking. Good Job!

— Bob S.

I wanted to contact you to let you know that the improvement I've seen lately in our pond has been great. I did previously have concern regarding the fact that I was never at home when the gentleman who came to treat the pond was there; however when I requested that he let me know when he would be there, he did so graciously, and I feel more closely involved in the treatment. I am concerned regarding restocking of the pond and may need guidance regarding when and how that should be done. I also feel that a system to oxygenate the pond should be added, but this is something I would need guidance regarding; once again thank you sincerely to the gentleman who's done the treatment of our pond and to your company.

— Cathy P.

Just wanted to let you know that I built a pond about a month and a half ago and I have been to your Cincinnati location around 6 times now and I have always gotten great service the staff is very friendly and knowable. I have asked a lot of questions and they are great at letting me know what I need and what to do. I can not say enough great things about your staff! Just thought I would let you know how great they are!

— Tonia B.

I've been meaning to send this note for a week, but it's been a busy one! Last Saturday Anthony Bruno came to fix my pond aerator and was just a wonderful ambassador for your company. Very professional, well spoken and knowledgeable. He ended up having to give it a pretty major overhaul and it is running far more efficient and quieter than it ever has. I hate to say it, but it is performing far better than when it was installed new. Props to Anthony and Jones.

— Dan M.

"After researching various methods of eliminating my algae problem I discovered Jones Fish and your CPA-I complete pond aeration system. I compared many other solutions and believed that yours offered the greatest hope of restoring my lake to it's original beauty. I visited your facility and purchased the CPA system. I installed it myself and stocked 10 grass carp as well. Then following your instructions, I followed the start-up procedure."
"I thought you would like to know that in four days over half the algae on my lake has disappeared. Thanks for the help. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone considering similar services from you. I am very impressed with your product, your advice and most importantly, the results."

- Marcus C., KY

"Your company does an outstanding job and your response time is outstanding."

- Jamie D., Commercial Operations Manager

"Thank you for your quick response, and thanks for always having such great customer service!!!!"

- Gregg U.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate your company on the excellent personnel you employ to treat our pond. They are friendly and informative."

- Al H.

"Kara is an asset to your organization and I thought you would like to know that (in case you didn’t already). Thanks very much and I look forward to working with Jones Fish again next year!"

- Joe Y.

"I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that Nathan (name signed on the invoice supplied at delivery) who delivered the fish was awesome! He was extremely patient and professional and was very accommodating to my 3 year old daughter who wanted to see and hold some of the fish prior to them going into the pond. I been using Jones Fish for the last couple of years and have never had a bad experience."

- Tim P.

"We missed our opportunity to get a before and after picture. The pond went from un-swimmable to looking like a swimming pool now. No chemicals, no aerator. Reading about the characteristics of the Amur is one thing, but observing is quite another. Should another poor SOB call you and inquire about the Amur eating algae in their pond/lake, don't hesitate to offer this testimonial."

- Jim S.

"I would like to compliment Nick, who delivered my fall fish. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I wish all companies had good front line people like him. He is truly the face of your company. A job well done! I try to rec. your company whenever I can."

- Fred G.

"We went to the Medina store and purchased SeClear. We were very pleased with your knowledgeable sales clerk. She answered all our questions completely. I was also impressed that your company could also measure our lake via Google maps to determine the measurement of algaecide needed. Thank you again."

- Cindy C., Medina OH

"To whom it may concern: thank you, I have been very satisfied with the knowledge an the success of the pond treatment at my home and appreciate the professional and courteous job your representative Anthony Monroe did. Thanks again"

- John T.

"What a pleasurable and enlightening experience I had with your two representatives this morning along the shores of Harrison Pond."

- Richard W.,
Harrison Pond Homeowners Association

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DOCK! It is a great extension to our home. We regularly take chairs out and sit on it like a deck. Maintenance is ZERO (very important at a house that is a retreat!). Last winter we just dropped the chains and kept the dock in the water."

- Paul S., Westport CT

"The Hopper Hill Community wishes to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation for your expedient, concerned and professional response following the fish kill in their community pond."

- David H., Property Manager

If you own a pond, you need to have a relationship with Jones fish. Please notice I did not say you should check into, give them a call, or even stated as a suggestion. At least a half a dozen people on my street have ponds and nearly all of them are serviced by Jones fish. Whether you're looking to stock your pond or keep it clear and attractive throughout the year they are absolutely the company to call. Every employee has a college degree in a related field regarding aquaculture. They are all experts oh, I have never been able to stump them and nothing more then a telephone call and a brief description is usually enough for them to diagnose an issue with aquatic weeds or other trouble with the pond. The absolute best part about this company is that they will not sell you things you don't need, to the contrary they will stop you from making mistakes even if it means buying something less from them. They are in fact one of the most honorable businesses that I know of today. Again, I strongly recommend visiting one of the many locations and picking up a catalog. You will not be disappointed if you do.

— Dan M.

Dear Jones Fish Hatchery,
"I just wanted to write a letter to show my deepest appreciation for one of your employee’s dedication and patience to a very PANICKED customer with a broken aeration system right before Memorial Day weekend (our busy time!). Your aeration technician, David Duecker, not only helped troubleshoot the problem over the phone after we purchased multiple parts, but also offered his cell phone number and helped out after hours. He even followed up the next morning with a call to verify that our aeration system was up and running. VERY PROFESSIONAL!!"
"Hats off to David - your most valuable employee in our eyes! Please give him the accolades he deserves."
"Thanks again David!"

- Treva and John B.
Catman Blues Fishing Lake

"When our projects are done we always review our subcontractors' performance. I thought you would like to know that our team gave Jones Fish Hatcheries, Inc. a rating of nine on a scale of one to ten for your work at Aero Fulfillment."

- William N., AL. Neyer Inc.

"Thank you! My koi have been on your diet for 4 weeks and they are thriving. I'm so happy I found you.

- Honi H., MI