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Fountain & Aeration Maintenance Services

Fountain & Aeration Maintenance Services 

Regular maintenance on fountains and surface aerators ensures the equipment is able to provide years of dutiful service and effectively aerate a pond or lake. Fountain with water-cooled motors require a constant flow of water to prevent overheating. Diminishing flow rates as a result of obstructions on the intake screen or in the nozzle can damage the motor. Fountains that utilize oil-cooled motors require periodic maintenance to maximize performance.

Monthly Maintenance Services 

Monthly fountain maintenance includes a monthly examination of all fountain and light set components including, but not limited to, intake screen, discharge nozzle/valve, propeller/impeller, float buoyancy, pumping chamber, mooring lines, light bulbs and fixtures, GFCI and timer. During the contract period, Jones Fish and Lake Management absorbs all labor costs.  This program is particularly beneficial for pond owners with clogging issues.

Fountain Winterization Services 

Most manufacturers of floating fountains recommend that the unit be removed before ice and snow have an opportunity to damage fountain equipment. Our winter fountain service includes the removal of the fountain in late fall, a thorough cleaning of the system, assessment and/or replacement of mooring lines, inspection of power cable, amperage draw tests, storage in a heated and insured location and re-installation of the unit the following spring. If any additional parts or supplies are necessary for repair, the customer will be notified prior to the repair.

jones fish service department

jones fish service department

Aerator Maintenance Services 

Sub-surface diffused aerators require regular maintenance to perform efficiently. Dirty air intake filters and air stones clogged with organic matter must be cleaned and replaced as needed. Restricted airflow results in diminished efficiency and can shorten the life of the compressor. The compressors utilized in sub-surface diffused aerators are designed for continuous use. As such, there are sacrificial moving parts that must be replaced over time.

Authorized Service & Repair Centers 

Jones Fish Authorized Service Repair Centers are more than just repair shops. These centers are constantly updating and expanding their knowledge of fountains and aeration systems to make sure that your equipment is serviced properly. Whether your equipment needs routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we service most fountain and aeration equipment. Equipment can be dropped off or shipped to one of our five convenient locations. Alternatively, you may schedule an on-site service call, where an authorized service representative will visit your site and determine what repairs need to be made. Jones Fish & Lake Management provides pond owners with a full spectrum of service plans to assist with regularly scheduled maintenance. Call today to schedule service or maintenance: 800-662-3474 or sales@jonesfish.com.