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Lake Mapping

Lake Mapping 

EcoSound is a revolutionary mapping system that renders custom charts of your pond or lake with bathymetric (depth) data, vegetation densities and bottom hardness. 

Jones Fish constantly strives to provide pond owners with cutting edge technology that blends with science to create healthier ecosystems, quality fisheries and deliver more information about your aquatic resource. Professional lake mapping services are fee based. Contact the Jones Fish Pro Staff to schedule your appointment today: 800.662.3474 or sales@jonesfish.com.

Track Changes Over Time

All collected data is stored and organized in a private account owned by Jones Fish.  Data is processed in the same manner each time, allowing biologists to quickly assess current habitat conditions in your pond. This data also allows us to monitor changes over time with repeated visits. 

The Mapping Process

Using sonar and GPS technology, chart plotters record data points. This is done on site via a boat by one of the Jones Fish Pro Staff. 

The data is then uploaded to the cloud where a proprietary acoustic algorithm is applied. Bathymetric, vegetation density and bottom hardness maps are created. These maps are provided to you shortly after the survey is complete. 

A Jones Fish biologist will review any unique characteristics and help you interpret the mapping data. We can also make recommendations on how to address areas of concern such as fisheries improvements, muck accumulation or nuisance vegetation.  


Bathymetry     Vegetation Density     Bottom Hardness