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Invasive Weed Control Service

Invasive Weed Control Service

Our team is proud to offer ProcellaCOR to our clients for their invasive aquatic weeds. ProcellaCOR is a groundbreaking new product. This selective, systemic herbicide is designed specifically for targeting milfoils and hydrilla. It also controls other difficult to manage aquatic plants, such as floating heart, primrose and slender spiked rush.

Floating heart plant with yellow flowers


While often introduced for aesthetics, invasive aquatic species like floating heart can outcompete native plants and reduce biodiversity. 

ProcellaCOR isn't just another treatment for aquatic weeds. It is selective and safe, specifically targeting a hormone mechanism that is unique to specific plants. ProcellaCOR can only be applied to highly skilled and trained PRO Certified ProcellaCOR Specialists. The Jones Fish team is certified to diagnose, prescribe and implement a ProcellaCOR treatment.

After a ProcellaCOR treatment, you can continue enjoying your pond or lake for swimming, fishing, boating and all the other things you enjoy and love about it. If you're tired of invasive weeds and ready to protect and restore your pond or lake, contact our team for a quote. 

Contact our team for an invasive weed control quote: 800.662.3474 or sales@jonesfish.com