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Habitat Installation Service

Habitat Installation Service

Jones Fish is proud to offer installation of a variety of artificial fish habitat structure. These submerged structures can be installed prior to the pond or lake being full, or after it has filled with water. In new ponds with no water, structure can be perfectly placed and staked down with rebar or cinder block. In existing ponds, the self-weighted structures can be dropped into the water from a boat.

Fish habitat sitting in dry pond basin

We can even combine our EcoSound Lake Mapping Technology with the Fish Habitat Installation Service. Depth measurements will be taken to ensure proper placement of each structure. We can also mark GPS waypoints showing the location of your structure and sync that data to a bathymetric map of your pond. Combining Lake Mapping with Habitat Installation will help you and your guests see exactly where the fish will be hiding. 

Habitat Enhancement

The addition of submerged habitat is critical to maintaining a balanced, productive fishery. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most overlooked aspects of pond management. Without these structures, ponds have very little forage fish surviving throughout the yeah, as most of the fish hatched each year are consumed before they can grow to adulthood and contribute reproductively to the population. 

Whether you're managing for trophy largemouth bass, or just want a good fishing hole for the grandkids, submerged habitat is vital to the success of your fishery. Submerged structures should be placed in multiple locations and at varying depths throughout the pond or lake. The amount of habitat varies, depending on the pond size. In ponds less than 1 surface acre, Jones Fish recommends 35-45 structures per acre. In ponds and lakes larger than 1 acre, Jones Fish recommends 25-35 structures per acre. 

Have our team install a habitat package: 800.662.3474 or sales@jonesfish.com.