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Fountain and Aerator Winter Service

During the fall of each year, the Jones Fish & Lake Management Fountain Service Team gears up and begins to remove floating fountains and aerators for winter maintenance and storage. Fountain manufacturers recommend that fountains and surface aerating units be removed from ponds before ice and snow have the opportunity to damage this valuable equipment. Our Winter Fountain Service/Storage Program includes removal of the fountain or aerator in late fall, pressure washing the system, inspection and/or replacement of mooring lines, inspection of all underwater power cable, amperage draw tests, replacement of all light bulbs, as well as the reinstallation of the floating fountain or aerator in the spring of the following year. If any additional parts or supplies are needed for repair, you will be notified prior to the repair.

jones fish service department
jones fish service department

Jones Fish Authorized Service Repair Centers are more than just repair shops. These centers are constantly updating and expanding their knowledge of fountains and aeration systems to make sure that your equipment is serviced properly. Whether your equipment needs routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we service most fountain and aeration equipment. Contact our today to set up winter service: 800-662-3474 or sales@jonesfish.com.