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Fish Population Survey

Population Survey Service

An existing fish population can often be quantified by electrofishing. Electrofishing equipment applies a direct current to the water column to stun fish. Once collected, fish can be identified, counted, weighed and aged. using standardized techniques, it is possible to determine the relative abundance and growth rates of the fish, identify disproportionate numbers of fish within the population and obtain a more accurate view of fish health and the ecosystem as a whole.

The information collected and analyzed helps Jones Fish biologists develop a customized fish stocking and population management plan. Depending on individual goals, this customized plan may focus on strategies to increase size, quantities, growth rates or the overall productivity of the pond. Custom population management strategies provide pond owners with an enjoyable, sustainable and long-term fishery.

 Fish Population Survey

Population Survey Benefits

In a large pond or lake, a fish population survey is essential to achieve your fishery goals. Periodically fishing the pond or lake is unlikely to provide you with accurate representation of the various species present and their abundance. Instead of wasting time and money guessing which fish you should stock, contact Jones Fish for a population survey.

Our custom stocking plans include not only the recommended species and quantities, but also the best fish size and a stocking schedule. Through every step of the process you'll have our team available to answer questions and help you monitor your progress. Our experience and support every step of the way will help you quickly achieve your fishery goals.

Fish are identified and measured

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