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Fish Delivery FAQs

jones fish frequently asked questions

How do you measure fish?

Fish are measured by total length from closed mouth to pinched tail.

How do you get the fish on the trucks?

Fish are counted by hand or weighed on certified scales before embarking on deliveries or Fish Days.

What makes your delivery trucks special?

Our fleet of delivery trucks utilizes custom-built, insulated live well tanks with a carefully monitored oxygen level to minimize stress on the fish during their time in transit.

When is the best time to stock fish?

Stocking is best accomplished in the cooler months, because the water temperature is lower. As a result, less acclimation time is needed to safely introduce fish to your pond. Our fish delivery seasons are March—June and mid-September—November.

What is the typical lead time for delivery?

During peak season, our delivery lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks. Keep in mind that orders placed outside of our spring and fall delivery seasons will have an extended lead time.

How do you get the fish to the pond?

Our delivery team nets fish from our live well tanks and transports them to the pond in buckets. If acclimation is needed, they will begin to acclimate the fish by mixing pond water into the buckets. This mixing of pond water with our water will reduce stress on the fish as a result of temperature variation.

How long will they survive in the bag?

When kept in the shade and cool, fish can survive in the bag up to 3 hours. However, exposure to sunlight and high temperatures will reduce the time they can safely spend in the bag. Always keep fish out of direct sunlight and transport them to the body of water without delay.

How do I pay?

Payment is expected at the time of delivery. We accept cash, all credit cards, and personal checks in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. When ordering online, you must enter a valid credit card to submit your order.

Do I need to be present for the delivery?

Yes, you must be present at the time of delivery to ensure you are happy with your purchase and to lend a helping hand.  

How do I receive fish delivery?

All fish orders over $500 are eligible for delivery to your body of water with a $29 delivery fee throughout our standard delivery area. Other goods and services cannot be added to an order to reach the $500 minimum required for live delivery. If your order is under $500 or outside our standard delivery range, a $250+ delivery fee will be applied.  View a map of our delivery area here

What are fingerling and premier fish?

Fingerling fish are juvenile fish, less than one year of age. These fish are referred to as fingerlings, because they are generally the length of a finger. Premier fish are larger and often have a full growing season behind them. The premier stocking produces a mature pond in a shorter period of time. Their larger size makes accelerated fish the ideal choice when supplementing an existing fishery.


Other questions? 800.662.3474 or fishdeliveries@jonesfish.com