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Aquatic Weed Control Services

Many pond owners find themselves tasked with maintaining a pond overrun with algae and weeds. Without guidance, the cost of keeping the pond in good condition can skyrocket. As aquatic vegetation dies and decomposes, the organic matter builds up on the pond bottom and generates a reoccurring cycle that can be difficult to break. The Jones Fish Pro Staff offers customized algae and aquatic weed control services that take into account pond characteristics, as well as known history, to create a sustainable management plan. Recommendations may include aeration, biological and chemical algae and aquatic weed control. Request a free estimate today. (Include a link to request a free Lake Management estimate)

Free Proposals

Consider having the experts at Jones Fish & Lake Management care for your pond. The first step is contacting us for a free algae and aquatic weed control estimate. Our Lake Management team will visit the pond site and discuss any concerns and goals you may have for the pond. We will then provide you a customized proposal that takes into account your specific needs. This proposal can be as simple as algae and weed control, but may grow to include cattail control or nutrient reduction programs.

Ponds & Lakes

Customized algae and aquatic weed control programs typically begin in April and continue through October. During this seven month period, the Jones Fish Team will inspect your pond twice per month and make algaecide and herbicide treatments accordingly. For pond owners that desire additional treatments or clients with ponds in our southern range, late-season or winter maintenance programs are also available.

Nutrient Reducers

Pond owners with persistent vegetation problems, or excess nutrients may consider incorporating the use of nutrient reducers or augmenting their pond with beneficial bacteria. Nutrient reduction efforts can significantly reduce the amount of phosphorus, this limiting the potential for aquatic weed growth before it even starts. Nutrient reducers are best used in the spring, when spring rains bring an influx of nitrogen and phosphorus into the pond. Beneficial bacteria can be used throughout the year, or in heavy doses in the fall, to help with incoming leaf litter and other organic matter.

Large Water Bodies

Property owners with algae and aquatic weeds growing in front of their lake house or vacation rental may consider treatment of their lake frontage or extended shoreline areas. Large lake treatments are especially popular around docks, beaches and swimming areas. Treatment programs for large water bodies begin in April and continue through September, with treatments being made just once per month. Some larger water bodies may require only two or three treatments per season. 

Please call our office 800-662-3474 or email sales@jonesfish.com for additional information