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Recommended Structure 1/4 Acre 1/2 Acre 3/4 Acre 1 Acre
Hidey Hole Shrubs 6 12 18 24
Hidey Hole Trees 3 6 9 12
Spawning Discs 6 12 18 24
Flat-Rate LTL Shipping $55.00 $65.00 $75.00 $95.00
Total: $1,684.95 $3,024.96 $4,514.94 $5,814.95

Structure Package


Enhancing Fisheries Habitat

Fish habitat plays a vital part in the ecosystem. Prey and forage species, such as fathead minnows and bluegill sunfish, utilize habitat to escape from hungry predators. Additionally, fathead minnows will use submerged habitat for reproduction, often attaching their eggs to the underside of flat surfaces. Predatory species, such as largemouth bass, use habitat for shade and as an ambush zone. The best fishing is often found near submerged fish habitats. In smaller ponds and lakes, Jones Fish recommends approximately 10% of the shoreline and shallow areas contain submerged structures. 

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