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Birch Linden Willow Cypress Sequoia
Birch Linden Willow Cypress Sequoia
Birch Linden Willow Cypress Sequoia

Kasco 1 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain

$2,216.00 Free Shipping

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Specifications Chart

1 Hp 120 Volt, 10.7 Amp
50' Cord 100' Cord 150' Cord 200' Cord
$2,216.00 $2,801.00 $3,416.00 $3,749.00
1Hp 240 V, 5.3 Amp
50' Cord 100' Cord 150' Cord 200' Cord
$3,646.00 $3,772.00 $4,407.00 $4,608.00
1 HP Multi-Pattern
Pattern Height Width
Linden 12' 31'
Willow 9' 31'
Cypress 9' 28'
Sequoia 18' 11'
Birch 11' 8'

The Kasco 1 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain was redesigned for 2019!  The Kasco 4400JF is an extremely flexible, affordable and effective decorative aerator. In 2019 Kasco enhanced the housing, impeller and nozzles to create an even better product! This redesign dramatically improves aesthetics without increasing operating costs or fountain pricing. Now it's even faster and easier to change nozzles.The Multi-Pattern Fountain comes standard with five spray patterns . The superb flow rates of Multi-Pattern Fountains provide for enhanced aeration and water quality management. Combined with lower energy usage, multiple display patterns and an optional lighting package, the Kasco Multi-Pattern Fountain is one of the most affordable and effective decorative aerators.  

Kasco LED light sets

Kasco RGB light sets

The 1 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain boasts a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.