Galvanized Deluxe

Galvanized Deluxe Windmill

Windmill Aeration Systems are perfect for ponds where existing electric is not available or too costly to run to the pond site.  Each Windmill Aeration System is equipped with a tower, 73 inch 18-gauge galvanized steel blade and tail assembly, compressor, airline and diffuser stone.  A self-governing head is included on each system to protect the unit from high winds.  All systems have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on the compressor, bearings, and cams.  Windmill Aeration Systems ship via motor freight.

Galvanized Deluxe Windmill Aeration Systems:

  • 100 ft non-weighted airline
  • 200 ft. weighted airline
  • (2) airstones
  • (1) 2-way selector valve
  • (2) airstone housing bucket
  • (2) duck decoy markers
  • Pivot hinges included