Population Surveys

An existing fish population can be quantified using electrofishing equipment.  Good access to the pond is required to launch the boat.  The electrofishing equipment applies a direct current to the water column to stun the fish.  Once collected, the fish are identified, counted, weighed and aged.  Using standardized techniques, it is possible to determine the relative abundance and growth rates of fish, identify disproportionate numbers of fish within the population and obtain a more accurate view of fish health and the ecosystem as a whole.

The gathered and analyzed information helps Jones Fish biologists develop a customized fish stocking and population management plan.  Depending on individual goals, this customized plan may provide the pond owner with strategies to increase fish size, quantities and growth rates or the overall productivity of the pond.  In addition to aiding desirable species, Jones Fish biologists can help develop strategies to control undesirable species.  Population management strategies provide pond owners with an enjoyable, sustainable and long term fishery.  For additional information regarding a population survey, contact our office at sales@jonesfish.com or call 800-662-3474.