Platinum 5 Hp Fountain

Platinum Fountains utilize water cooled and lubricated stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motors.  Franklin 4” super stainless steel motors are U.L. recognized, ensuring safe and dependable operation.  A short (1-1/2”), sturdy drive shaft reduces the chance of a bent or wobbling impeller.  The self-contained seals and bearings require no maintenance.  The high-speed impeller rotates at 3450 rpm, reducing the likelihood of clogging or fouling.  Increased spray height is also gained, without power upgrades, by the high-pressure impeller system used with the centrifugal configuration.  The 5 Hp Platinum Fountain boasts a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.  A one-piece square float provides a stable base for the motor assembly.

Horsepower Voltage Amperage Phase
5 Hp 240 V 27.5 A Single


Nozzle Height Width
Carnival 11 ft. 35 ft.
Diana 30 ft. 30 ft.
Galaxy 39 ft. 60 ft.
Northstar 33 ft. 50 ft.
Solace 24 ft. 30 ft.


Price 100 ft. Cord 150 ft. Cord 200 ft. Cord
5 Hp $7,085.00 $7,230.00 $7,375.00