Platinum 3 Hp Fountain

Platinum Fountains utilize water cooled and lubricated stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motors.  Franklin 4” super stainless steel motors are U.L. recognized, ensuring safe and dependable operation.  A short (1-1/2”), sturdy drive shaft reduces the chance of a bent or wobbling impeller. The self-contained seals and bearings require no maintenance.  The high-speed impeller rotates at 3450 rpm, reducing the likelihood of clogging or fouling.  Increased spray height is also gained, without power upgrades, by the high-pressure impeller system used with the centrifugal configuration.  The 3 Hp Platinum Fountain boasts a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.  A single-piece square float provides a stable base for the motor assembly.

Horsepower Voltage Amperage Phase
3 Hp 240 V 17 A Single


Nozzle Height Width
Carnival 9 ft. 30 ft.
Diana 28 ft. 28 ft.
Galaxy 35 ft. 55 ft.
Northstar 26 ft. 42 ft.
Solace 20 ft. 28 ft.


Price 100 ft. Cord 150 ft. Cord 200 ft. Cord
3 Hp $5,495.00 $5,640.00 $5,785.00