CPA-3, 4 & 5

CPA-3, 4 & 5 are designed for larger or more complicated aeration needs.  Large pond and lakes CPAs are an ideal and cost effective way to aerate and destratify.  In large, elongated or irregularly-shaped water bodies, the placement of the diffuser stations is highly dependent upon lake characteristics, including surface area and variations in depth.

Larger pond and lake CPAs utilize a 3/4 Hp rotary vane compressor with a pressure relief valve and an appropriate multiple outlet gang-valve assembly to simultaneously operate 3-5 diffuser stations.  The compressor and associated gang-valve assembly are set into a ground based, powder-coated, steel cabinet that includes a power receptacle, ventilation fan and sound-reducing, foam lining.  The electrical services supply line must be connected directly to the internal receptacle.  Self-weighted airline is used to connect each diffuser station to the gang valve assembly outlet.  CPAs feature a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

CPA-3 with 3 diffuser stations & 600' tubing $3,999.99
CPA-4 with 4 diffuser stations & 800' tubing  $4,475.99
CPA-5 with 5 diffuser stations & 1000' tubing $4,899.99